v1.7.5 - 2024/3/32 - 08:12 UTC
+ added a joke that triggers on march 32nd

v1.7.4 - 2024/1/30 - 03:16 UTC
+ background progress can no longer trigger by the game just being "hidden"

v1.7.3 - 2024/1/28 - 04:42 UTC
+ potentially fixed a bug with background progress that would give you years of extra progress
+ pressing escape will now close modals, and pressing enter will accept them

v1.7.2 - 2024/1/19 - 16:41 UTC
+ added a title screen when the game is loaded the first time
+ implemented offline progress
+ improved background progress
+ implemented in-game modals, rather than using the built-in pop-ups
+ animated text colors should now be less performance heavy
+ fixed some issues with the mobile UI

v1.7.1 - 2023/12/26 - 23:31 UTC
+ added the compendium tab
+ made the realm limit a small bit larger due to inconsistency issues
+ the initial price of the arcane spice deity is now 27x cheaper
+ the first rune is no longer forced if you've collapsed
+ added some options to change the past resets display
+ added an option to choose the minimum time before auto-collider can activate
+ improved autobuying of the free crystal infusions upgrade
+ added a toggle for antispice perk refund confirmations
+ holding shift will make prestige & ascension upgrades show their ids
+ added "array" notation, and updated random notation
+ also changed one of the secret notations, and added a new one
+ also fixed some bugs with other notations
+ fixed some bugs with the color augment explanatory text
+ fixed a bug with manually buying arcane strengtheners
+ fixed a bug with the settings menu
+ fixed an issue with the game's tick intervals
+ fixed some issues with the savebank

v1.7.0 - 2023/11/20 - 15:09 UTC

new and improved!

+ uploaded v1.6.5 to a new, different website to be preserved
+ added the savebank
+ changed the names of several spice generators
+ numerous changes to every prestige layer:

collapse   + changed the atomic spice gain formula
  + the default unstable spice half-life is now 30 minutes
  + the display indicating when research is unlocked now counts down with each collapse
  + unstable spice boosts are now reduced in ascension challenges
  + added 2 new researches for automation-related things
  - removed stop ascending after setting for auto-collapse
  + added a new "DECAY" mode for auto-collapse
  + changed the unlocks of most researches before collapse challenges
  + changed the scaling points of repeatable researches
  + changed the data requirements of researches #19 through #40
  + research #1 no longer has a cap
  + research #4 now instead increases the rune power production exponent
  + changed the formula of research #6's boost to atomic spice gain
  + research #13 (previously #11) also has a new formula
  + research #28 (previously #26) now stops decreasing its rate earlier at 5 free enchantments per collapse
  + research #39 (previously #37) now also boosts prestige gains
  + also rebalanced some other researches
  + changed the goals of all collapse challenges
  + challenge 8's research now unlocks from completing challenge 7 twice instead of once
  + changed challenge 9's rule, and its reward now scales harder starting at 7 completions
  + challenge 11's original reward no longer scales, and it has a new second reward starting at 2 completions
  + collider automation is now unlocked by having 30 total collapse challenge completions
  + rebalanced antispice boosts, perks, and gains
  + increased the realm limit
ascension   + changed the ansuz rune gain formula
  + changed the prices of most ascension upgrades
  + the ascension upgrade that doubles free infusions now makes free infusions uncapped instead
  + also rebalanced some other ascension upgrades
  + changed how rune power works
  - removed the ability to recall runes
  + the game now prevents spending the first rune on anything that's not othala
  + rune types with 0 assigned will now produce a small amount of rune power if you've ascended
  + changed the ascension challenge goals
  + changed challenge 1's rule
  + ascension challenges can no longer disable the rewards of other ascension challenges
  - rainbow spice boosts no longer apply in ascension challenges
  + made some ascension challenge rewards more specific
  + changed arcane spice prices
  + arcane enchantment prices scale a bit slower at first
prestige   + the display indicating when prestige is unlocked now appears sooner and counts down with each color boost
  + changed color boost & color augment scaling
  + crystal infusion prices scale a bit slower at first
  + you start gaining more free infusions after purchasing the upgrade 5 times
  + made some prestige glows a bit stronger

v1.6.5 - 2023/8/17 - 16:21 UTC
+ slightly improved the max all code
+ peak resource/min now appears before automation for that layer is unlocked without giving the moment the peak was reached
+ the crystal infusion automation upgrade is now cheaper
+ fixed a bug with past ascensions in statistics

v1.6.4 - 2023/7/21 - 11:32 UTC
+ rainbow antispice gains now scale more harshly at first
+ added more information to past resets
+ modified the way long times are shown
+ added an auto-prestige goal display with a reset button
+ added "imperial" and "random" notations
+ also added two new secret notations... 😉
+ fixed some issues with cancer, letters, and BASE64 notations

v1.6.3 - 2023/7/7 - 06:10 UTC
+ fixed a bug with the new max all code

v1.6.2 - 2023/7/6 - 02:10 UTC
+ added an optional reset layer resource/min display
+ added a "reduce flashing" option
+ exit challenge buttons now only appear when in a challenge of the relevant prestige layer
+ "refund antispice perks" now only appears when there are perks to refund
+ changed the way max all buttons work
+ the cursor now lights up on clickable buttons
+ fixed a couple bugs with rainbow antispice

v1.6.1 - 2023/7/2 - 03:19 UTC
+ implemented shifting hue colors for rainbow antispice in the spice collider

v1.6.0 - 2023/6/30 - 20:09 UTC

return of the rainbow

+ added 9 new researches
+ added 2 new collapse challenges
+ added 3 new antispices
+ added 8 antispice perks
+ added lots of new scaling/walls
+ implemented the "realm limit"
+ made antispice stronger, and removed the antispice caps
+ the collider can now only be activated if you will gain at least 1 antispice
+ changed pure antispice's name to basic antispice
- nerfed red spice synergies past e1e12 red spice
+ changed all existing collapse challenge goals
- nerfed challenge 7 rewards past 12 completions
+ increased the challenge 3 goal again
+ changed the requirements of researches #24 through #29
+ research #4 requirements now scale faster after 57 completions
+ extended the research #6 and #18 boosts to have asymptotic hardcaps instead
+ added some more explanatory text
+ raised the number limit from 1e9e15 to 1e1.798e308
+ made improvements to tick intervals
+ implemented femtillions in standard notation
+ changed the way "precise" numbers are displayed past 1e9

v1.5.4 - 2023/4/10 - 19:14 UTC
+ buffed research #26
+ also made researches #12, #14, and #26 show the amount of free enchantments they give in their descriptions
+ added new hotkeys for switching tabs/subtabs (courtesy of Hedrauta)

v1.5.3 - 2023/4/6 - 20:36 UTC
+ changed goals for challenges 4, 5, and 6

v1.5.2 - 2023/4/6 - 18:14 UTC
+ fixed a bug with the spice collider
+ fixed a bug with green antispice
+ challenges can now be completed from the challenge screens
+ hotkeys/settings for things that are not yet unlocked are now hidden in settings
+ hotkeys now automatically release when the game goes out of focus
+ changed how boosts based on a spice's amount are displayed
+ the 1.000e12 ᚫ upgrade now only applies if you can actually prestige

v1.5.1 - 2023/4/4 - 10:40 UTC
+ fixed challenge 7
+ fixed a bug with bulk challenge completions
+ collapse challenges now display how many completions until the next research unlock
+ added convert half for runes

v1.5.0 - 2023/3/28 - 13:41 UTC

not an antimatter dimensions reference

+ added 13 new researches
+ added 4 collapse challenges
+ added antispice, with 4 varities that can all be produced in the spice collider
+ removed the previous endgame wall (it wasn't really a wall anyway)
+ also added several new walls
+ research #1 is now capped at 40 completions
+ buffed research #11
- nerfed research #4 and research #8
- nerfed the 140,000 ᚫ upgrade
+ fixed some bugs with mixed notations
+ improved the way times are shown in-game
+ time until unstable spice is fully decayed is now shown
+ made ascension colors more vibrant
+ implemented picillions in standard notation

v1.4.2 - 2023/1/3 - 13:11 UTC
+ added an animated graphic to the spice collider
+ fixed a bug with ascension upgrades
+ fixed another bug with buying prestige and ascension upgrades

v1.4.1 - 2023/1/1 - 12:49 UTC
+ changed the unstable spice formula to be less punishing to early-game mistakes
+ changed the ascension automation upgrade to cost 1,000 ᚫ

v1.4.0 - 2023/1/1 - 01:51 UTC

no black holes here

+ added ascension challenge 6
+ changed the goal for challenge 3 again
+ added collapse, the fourth prestige layer
+ added atomic spice, unstable spice, and decayed spice
+ added the spice collider, which turns atomic spice into unstable spice
+ added research, with a total of 16 different things to research
+ fixed a bug with buying prestige and ascension upgrades
+ improved ascension upgrades tab performance
+ the rainbow visibility setting is now text visibility and applies to most colored text
+ changed arcane spice's unit to milligrams
+ color boosts after 2 million are now called color augments
+ standard notation now works correctly with nanillions
+ hotkeys are now enabled by default

v1.3.2 - 2022/11/20 - 00:21 UTC
+ fixed a bug with recalling spent runes
+ numerous ui improvements for mobile
+ added rainbow visibility and refresh rate settings
+ prestige upgrade automation is now done in bulk
+ changed the goal for challenge 3

v1.3.1 - 2022/11/16 - 07:59 UTC
+ fixed a couple small bugs
+ the top menu bar now scrolls with the page, and can span multiple rows
+ challenge rewards now require the relevant upgrade to be purchased to take effect
+ implemented delta timing for more accurate production
+ possibly implemented background production?
+ time mode for prestige automation is now unlocked by default

v1.3.0 - 2022/11/13 - 07:46 UTC

ascension's peak

+ added 9 new ascension upgrades
+ added 2 new ascension challenges
+ added a couple new walls for post-ascension content

v1.2.1 - 2022/10/30 - 11:47 UTC
+ changed initial prices for yellow, green, blue, and pink spice again
+ changed prices of some early prestige upgrades
+ added time mode for automated ascension

v1.2.0 - 2022/10/29 - 10:42 UTC

you could make a religion out of this

+ added 13 new ascension upgrades
+ added arcane spice
+ added 3 ascension challenges
+ added challenge confirmations and exponent notation settings
+ changed the name of a crystallized spice generator
+ added multiple walls of different types
+ added some descriptive text to the ascension screen
+ fixed several small bugs

v1.1.2 - 2022/9/30 - 07:34 UTC
+ added a new wall in color boosts
- reset anyone past 1e7 runes converted/spent back to the beginning of ascension
+ added a link to the discord

v1.1.1 - 2022/9/20 - 23:22 UTC
- nerfed rune power boost
+ fixed several bugs with ascension

v1.1.0 - 2022/9/18 - 09:30 UTC

moon runes

+ added ascension, the third prestige layer
+ added runes, which serve various purposes
+ added 13 ascension upgrades
+ changed initial prices for yellow, green, blue, and pink spice
+ strengtheners now boost the next color by 1.05x by default
+ the color boost button now lights up when you can color boost

v1.0.1 - 2022/9/4 - 02:05 UTC
+ changed the way notations work with some resources
+ added mixed scientific and mixed engineering notations

v1.0.0 - 2022/9/1 02:53 UTC

game launch!

+ the spice must flow